BCYU PX-60RT-2C soldering iron tips


Brand name: BCYU

BCYU PX-60RT-2C soldering iron tips use for GOOT device

Other models:

PX-60RT-B; PX-60RT-SB; PX-60RT-LB; PX-60RT-1C; PX-60RT-1.5C; PX-60RT-2C; PX-60RT-3C; PX-60RT-4C; PX-60RT-0.5CR; PX-60RT-0.8CR; PX-60RT-1CR; PX-60RT-2CR; PX-60RT-3CR; PX-60RT-4CR; PX-60RT-08D; PX-60RT-1.2D; 1.2LD; PX-60RT-1.6D; PX-60RT-24D; PX-60RT-3.2D; PX-60RT-3K; PX-60RT-5K; PX-60RT-1.8H; PX-60RT-H; PX-60RT-R; PX-60RT-RT; PX-60RT-S4; PX-60RT-SB2; PX-60RT-SI

Produced by A Bo Luo company, can use for the same models of GOOT device.

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